The Tarran Group - Solutions for Today's HR Needs

People are your greatest resource. Developing and implementing solutions that meet present needs and anticipate future ones are the keys to business success. Human Resources is a full-time commitment, but many businesses today don’t have the internal staffing to get the most out of their people potential.

The Tarran Group can be your partner in organizational success. We work with small and medium-sized businesses to provide human resources services tailored to meet your needs. We offer you the expertise to succeed today and the flexibility to help you grow for the future based on a strong business instinct, solid HR knowledge, and a proven track record..

Why Have Clients Selected Us?

Solid Human Resources advice tempered by practical business acumen.

They only spend money on HR when they need it.

We listen to them, challenge them, and then help them make the right decision.

We respond to their calls or emails within 24 hours- usually within 4.

We keep our clients’ businesses in mind when we are talking to other clients- we refer them.

                            They trust us